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Saturday night we move as a group to 5-6 bars, clubs & super-clubs.
Your tickets include drinks and specials, line priority, free access to all the clubs, and guestlist. We don't take you to the party, we are the party!
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The Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ‘World Crawl San Diego’ Different From All The Others?

A great question! The fact is ‘World Crawl San Diego’ is actually a different experience than all the others that operate in San Diego, because we  brought a Global Crawl tradition to the City. The difference is that all the others only offer the  ‘hosted walk-in’ service to the venues, or are already tight knit group simply out on the town, where we take great pride in the fact that WE throw the party, and WE PARTY WITH YOU! We staff sometimes as many as 10 guides, compared to the others 1 or 2, whose sole purpose is to break the ice with the other crawlers and get the party started. At ‘World Crawl San Diego’ we put on the party, not get you into other peoples parties. But of course, we do that too!

What is a ‘Hosted Walk – In’ ?

A ‘hosted walk – in’ is a popular service in cities like Las Vegas, NYC, that can cost a great deal of money. It is when a host or promoter for a venue meets you outside, and for a hefty price on top of the cover charge, walks you in. This, in essence, is what the other Crawl style companies provide. A single guide who hustles you in and waits to do it again at the next spot. It can be a great experience, but not what we offer. Don’t be fooled, many of these other companies are promoters dressing up as a tour. These are unlike us in the sense that we were trained in Australia and Europe and have brought a culture that is less about the venues and more about YOU, and getting YOUR party on! Don’t believe us? Compare the reviews from our cities! ;)

We Saw a Crawl Online, Is That the Crawl We Will Be Going On?

We do not own or control any of the bars, clubs, or nightclubs that we go to… we simply work with their management teams to make our “crawls” in their venues possible.  The decision to allow us into their venues depends on many factors, none of which we can control in any way. Most of the time the venues inform us of necessary schedule changes months/weeks in advance. However, sometimes it can be the day before…and yes, sometimes when we arrive!
*All Venues, Scheduled Arrival/Departure times, and Offers are subject to change* 

How Old Must I Be?

According to California, you must be 21 years of age or older.

What’s The Average Age?

The average age of people on the crawls is about 30. That being said we have had daughter, mother, grandmother combos dominating our flip-cup tournaments!

I’m Older Than 50, Would I have A Good Time?

YES! We’re sure you would love it! As long as you’re ready to meet people, enjoy the establishments we attend and spread good energy.

Will I Be The Only Person Over 50 There?

Probably not.

Is There A Bus?

More than likely not. Most of our events take place in a small area downtown so we will be walking from venue to venue. In case there is a venue that is too far to walk, we will get a party bus.

Should I wear my heels?

The longest walk we have ever had is a ten minute slow walk. Most clubs are closer together though. The crawl lasts at least 5 hours. You be the judge.

What is the dress code?

No shorts. No Caps. No Sandals. No tank tops.
Gentlemen: No dirty running shoes; some clubs have issues with white running shoes or shell toes, but a nice pair of chucks is usually okay. We recommend a collar. Jeans are ok as long as they have no rips.
Ladies: Look nice :) No flip-flops but nice sandals are permitted for girls if they strap the whole foot.
Dress code is usually enforced at the last two venues of the night. They are a little bit more relaxed with our group. If you are borderline, they will look at you as a whole (and your level of intoxication) to make a decision. Better safe than sorry.

What Time Do You Start?

The crawl starts at 6:30pm. The odd time we will change the start time, but very rarely. Check on the Where-We-Go section of our page for start times.

Do I Have To Start Right At 6:30 pm?

No. Keep in mind though, if you miss parts of the crawl, you’re missing out on what you paid for. We usually feed you within the first 60 minutes of the crawl. If you miss that, then you are out of luck. We recommend that you arrive at the start time specified for that day.

How long are you at the first venue?

We are usually there for about 80 minutes. Don’t worry about calling us at 7:04pm to tell us you are ten minutes behind. :)

Can We Join Much Later?

You can. Though a lot of the fun, fun, fun stuff happens at the start of the night. We are happy to work something out for you. If you want to join us at the 3rd venue, that is not a problem, just call us and let us know. 702.891.5001.

I’m A Vegetarian / Vegan / Kosher / Hate Your Food, Can I Still Eat?

We’re pretty good about working things out for you. Just ask us and we’ll see what we can do. Keep in mind, we don’t make the food, but if the venue does, we’re happy to order it for you.

How much food is it?

Typically it’s chicken nachos or french fries. We also sometimes get pizza and potato skins. It is appetizer though, not a 4 course meal. Make sure you grab something before you start :)

Can We Go Back To The Clubs We Already Attended?

Yes. 95% of the time. Sometimes (if a venue has a concert or special event) it becomes harder to return and places are always subject to capacity. But your wristbands are good so you can re-enter a club. Make sure you GET A STAMP to return to the club. You won’t have to wait in line, or pay cover.

Can We Leave The Crawl, Meet You At The Last Venue And Skip The Line?

No. The crawl as a group skips the line together. If you arrive 30 minutes after everyone from the crawl has already gotten in, you will have to wait in line… You may have to pay cover. If you’re 5 minutes late, that’s not a big deal, usually, but it’s up to the door staff at the venue, not us. So stay with the group!

Where Do We Start?

Check this website or call us to find out!

Can I Reserve Tickets?

To reserve tickets, you must put a deposit of at least one ticket down. If you purchase your tickets online and send us an email explaining that you would like us to set aside another 5 tickets, we’re happy to do that, provided you confirm you still need them prior to the crawl.

Is There A Place In San Diego We Can Pick Up The Tickets?

Yes, though, once again, please make sure you have reserved tickets prior to arriving in San Diego (see above). Please call us and we will direct you.

I Have Another Question!

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